Pomegranate is an open source Python application that implements the open Webification (w10n) Science API for major scientific data stores (HDF, NetCDF, etc.). It makes file inner components, such attributes and data arrays, directly addressable and accessible via well-defined and meaningful URLs.

Data exposed by w10n-sci API is readily consumable by any HTTP client. It can be as simple as a command line like curl or wget, or as advanced as a full-fledged HTML5 web application such as REX.

Pomegranate has been included in Taiga, a turnkey software tool that simplifies the use of scientific data.

It can be installed as a command line tool and/or a ReSTful web service.

It depends on many open source packages, including

To set up w10n-sci web service using Pomegranate, please read service-setup.txt.

Pomegranate is currently used by various space missions and researach projects. Listed below are a few repositories powered by Pomegranate:

Source code is available at Open Channel Software. However, please note that Pomegranate alone won't be enough to establish a w10n-sci service. What you really need is this instruction service-setup.txt, that details the steps necessary to build, install and configure for a complete service. Or rather use a turnkey solution like Taiga, so that you can be up and running in minutes.